Thursday, July 3, 2014

dusk nostalgia & points

pictures below are california at dusk.


sooooo it may have been a little over 3 months since i have last updated my blog, and through those 3 months i have done nothing productive whatsoever except finish a couple of seasons of game of thrones, a book, and watch 2 million movies back-to-back -- which is pretty productive to myself, if you ask me.

if you haven't known already, i am in the philippines right now and will be here for who knows how long because i, myself, don't know either. if you're going to say “i’m confused”, trust me, i am too. kidding.

but i am happy to be home. (i am always happy to be home.) 

so it's july now, and the few weeks of summer are coming to a short end pretty much, which is sad, nonetheless.

thanks for reading!
love from a currently heavenly and rainy cebu (the time i wrote this lol),